Volunteer Gibbon Encounter

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Gibbon Encounter Volunteer Project
Would you like to care for these beautiful and cute baby monkeys? The Thailand Gibbons here have been rescued and are in desperate need of love and affection. On this rewarding volunteer project, you’ll make a difference to the lives of these special creatures.
At a glance:
Volunteering: Caring for Elephants in Thailand
Accommodation: Shared Thai style housing
Meals: x3 varied and delicious meals a day included
Dates: Weekly but spaces limited
​Minimum stay: 4 weeks
What animals will I look after?
Gibbons! Halfway in-between a wildlife sanctuary and the jungle, this exciting Gibbon project offers the chance to see these intriguing creatures up close and in the flesh.
About the Gibbon Project
You will be located in one of the most elegant, sparse and relaxed areas of Thailand. Near to the boarder of Myanmar, your location town Mae Sot, has a mixture of Burmese, Thai, Karen and Chinese natives, giving it a distinct flavour.
The gibbon sanctuary provides a safe and comfortable environment for Gibbons who need it. Their quality of life is of paramount importance to this project. At this project, the Gibbons will remain in the sanctuary for the duration of their lives, as they would be at extreme risk if returned to the wild.
A secondary aim, is to make the Gibbons comfortable with interaction around humans and to establish mutual trust between the two species.
The essential focus of this project is to rescue any Gibbons which have been badly treated, abused or injured. As a participant in this project, you will provide the Gibbons with the love and care they require.
What will I be doing at The Gibbon Sanctuary?
When participating in this project, the main activities will include:
  • Feed the Gibbons, clean and tidy their enclosures
  • Groom the Gibbons
  • Most importantly to give them love and attention and to “socialise” with these beautiful and charming creatures.
Preparing Food: This is done twice a day at 9am and 2pm. The food is prepared subjectively for each gibbon according to their nutritional requirements. Volunteers will be required to assist in preparing and distributing food for the Gibbons. They will also assist in the actual feeding of the food to the Gibbons.
Clean and Tidy Enclosures: It’s a dirty job…. But someone’s gotta to do it! This basic hygiene procedure is carried out daily. Volunteers will not be allowed inside the enclosures at the same time as the Gibbons for safety reasons unfortunately.
Socialising the Gibbons:This may sound like an easy straight forward job, but the value of it cannot be underestimated. Many of these Gibbons have developed a fear of humans due to abuse and negligent treatment. Making them comfortable around humans through activities such as grooming their hair will make all the difference!
  • Accommodation is provided in beautiful and traditional Thai-Style housing. Participants will share rooms, all of which come with a bathroom, kitchen and comfortable bed.
  • Rooms are equipped with fans and Wi-Fi. A selection of DVD’s are available in the TV room.
  • The accommodation is provided directly on the grounds of the project. No daily transport will be required
  • Three meals are provided per day. These are typical Thai style meals, and are not too spicy! (unless requested!).
Weekend Activities
The project has a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. A large selection of movies is available for viewing in the evening. Participants will be taken to the town of Mae Sot for an evening meal on Wednesday afternoons.
Arrival and Transfers
Participants coming from existing programs will be escorted to the project. Those arriving can be collected from Bangkok airport. From here you will be taken firstly to our Singburi center and from there transported to Um Phang!
You’ll attend a day training at the Gibbon Sanctuary to make sure you’ll be safe and knowledgeable during your time at the sanctuary volunteering. Typical daily duties include; cleaning the cages of the Gibbons, preparing the food for the Gibbons, washing and bathing the Gibbons. You may assist with medical procedures, as and when they occur. At the end of your project, you will be presented with a certificate to reflect your work at this project.
What’s Included?
  • All Food & Accommodation
  • An English speaking coordinator
  • Full Staff support to assist you throughout your stay
  • Transport to your program
What’s not included?
  • Airfares
  • Airport Drop
  • Malaria precautions
  • Sunglasses & Sun cream
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Arrangements​​
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