Bali Yoga Retreats

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Ubud Bali – Yoga and Meditation Week Retreat
Feel the need for deep rest and contemplation? Take our wonderfully refreshing trip to Bali. Ubud is a sanctuary within Bali, an idyllic environment in which you can experience true tranquillity.
At a glance:
Trip: Focus on yoga and meditation in Bali
​Accommodation: Various accommodation available
Meals: x3 varied and delicious meals a day
Dates: Runs every week
Minimum stay: 1 week
About the Bali Yoga and Meditation Trip
This program helps you to get rid of stress, and anxiety by engaging in Yoga. If you are searching for way to improve your health, happiness and wellbeing, this program is for you.
Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yog” which means Union – so yoga means union of mind and body. There is more to yoga than physical exercises, you’ll learn about different paths of yoga, do’s and don’ts, postures, breathing techniques and meditation to free you from stress, anxiety and physical ailments.
During this week, you will practice and learn from experts in healing techniques of Yoga & Meditation to have a healthy body and a sound mind.
Meditation is the art of focusing your mind, retraining your thoughts and looking deep into yourself. Practising it can give you a better understanding of your purpose in life and of the divine, as well as provide you with certain physical and mental health benefits.
Whatever your experience level with yoga and meditation, Ubud has so much to offer you. What you learn in one week you may take away from Bali and practice for the rest of your days!
The physical and mental benefits received from this program are enormous if practiced in daily life. In general, the practice of yoga, meditation and our Spa will help bring down stress, relieve physical ailments, boost physical strength, stamina and flexibility, boost impulse control, and helps in concentration and self control.
Yoga is known to enhance mental clarity, and boost the functioning of the immune system while improving overall blood circulation and can result in healthy glowing skin as well. A great reason to practise!
What will I be doing on the retreat?
Sample week:
  • On Monday, you will wake up early to practice yoga and meditation while getting an introduction to these two concepts.
  • After the introduction, you will get a short break to eat fresh fruit and have some tea.
  • Then you will receive your breakfast and relax a little until lunch time.
  • Once you get your lunch and some free time to chill, you will start afternoon yoga and meditation sessions.
  • In the evening, you will once again receive a break and enjoy eating some fresh fruits while drinking tea.
Tuesday to Friday
  • From Tuesday to Friday, you will follow the same routine through which you can get more training in yoga and meditation. You will start the morning by a yoga and meditation session.
  • After the morning session, you will get a break to enjoy some fresh fruit and tea.
  • After the breakfast, you will get some free time where you can relax further and make your body and mind ready for the afternoon yoga and meditation session.
  • After lunch followed by some free time, you will then commence the afternoon yoga and meditation session. The session would end followed by the serving of some fresh fruit and tea.
  • The free time is all yours to get rid of your busy lifestyle and to enjoy the tranquillity you obtained from yoga and meditation.
***The schedule can be changed depending on the weather and local conditions***
***Participants not attending any program the following week are required to check out of their accommodation during the day on Saturday***
  • The Balinese people place great importance on family and our houses are located amongst Balinese compounds, where you will get the chance to interact with local families and practice your newfound language skills.
  • You can expect to share a room (dormitory style) on single gender basis. The bathroom is shared and western toilets will be available. We expect our participants to be environmentally friendly as much as possible. Therefore, please turn off the lights/ fans when they are not in use.
There are two other options for accommodation:
Private Accommodation
  • If you select the private accommodation option, you will be given a private room with an en-suite bathroom. This would be ideal for those who like to have some personal space. However, you will still have to share some other facilities with the fellow participants. The number of people allowed in a private room is two. So this accommodation is also good if you are travelling with your partner and wish to stay together.
Private Villa
  • Under this option, you will have your own room, own toilet, own balcony and even your own kitchen. This is most suitable if you are expecting to spend some quality time all with your family. The number of people that can be accommodated in a private villa is four.
  • You will be accommodated in one of our houses in the village of Penestanan Kaja.
  • Located on the outskirts of Ubud, village life is quintessentially local here and you will get a good chance to see typical Balinese life – roosters crowing and all!
  • You will get 3 meals during weekday (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 meals during the weekend (breakfast, dinner).
  • Indonesian food is tasty and diverse and you can expect to experience a myriad of flavours and meals during your stay.
  • Typical dishes included mie goreng (fried noodles and vegetables), nasi goreng (fried rice and vegetables) or gado gado (mixed vegetables with a satay sauce). For those who do not eat meat, Indonesian cooking uses a lot of tofu and tempeh (soybeans), we also provide for some of western dishes.
  • Breakfasts are varied and include pancakes, fresh fruit, toast etc. Tea, coffee and purified water is available at the house. We do not recommend that you drink the tap water.
  • The houses are located in Penestanan village and it will take about 10-15 minutes to reach the center of Ubud.
  • Drinking water is available (don’t drink the tap water)
  • There are local laundry services around the village
  • All facilities that you could want are within easy access of the accommodation.
  • There are ATMs and a 7/11 within 1 minute walk away.
  • There are some grocery shops in the village and 24 hours minimart in Ubud center.
Weekend Activities
Since the weekends are free, you are able to go wherever you would like to go. Several popular destinations that you can reach by taxi are:
  • The Gili Islands, where you will find small resorts and huts for tourists looking to get away from the bustle of Ubud. The islands are a popular destination for snorkelling and diving due to its abundant marine life.
  • Nusa Lembongan, an island paradise with one of the most clear waters that you will ever see and it is also a place where you can find peace and completely relax. Surfing, diving and snorkeling and amongst the most popular activities that visitors can enjoy.
  • Lovina, located between the Bedugul mountains and the sea, it is popular for dolphin watching, trekking, hot springs and its gorgeous coral reefs.
  • Sanur, a stretch of beach in Southeast Bali that contains villa resorts and Zen Villas. Historically, it was used as the landing site for the Dutch invasion troops during the Dutch invasion in 1906 as well as being the entry point into Bali for the Japanese during WWII.
  • Kuta, a beach known of its surfing opportunities and party atmosphere.
  • Uluwatu, a temple built at the edge of a 70 meter high cliff at the edge of the sea and inhabited by monkeys.
  • If you want to eat out occasionally, there is a wide selection of restaurants with high standards of both international and local cuisine. There are several cafes in the village, where you can relax and hang out with other participants on your spare time.
  • There are two swimming pools, both located a five minute walk from our center.
  • There are also several gyms around.
Arrival and Transfers
Regular arrival (Sun. 06:00am – 08:00pm)
We will pick you up at the airport or one of our other meeting points and transfer you to our center.
Early / Late arrival (Mon – Sat)
There are no pick ups during the week.
So you can wait in Bali until Sunday or request a pick up at an extra charge
We also have this option available in Lovina.
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