Asia Pacific Volunteer Prices

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Prices and dates for Asia and Pacific Volunteer Projects
Volunteers contribute to to our projects in two ways, physically and financially (included in the programme fees*). Day to day maintenance of the projects, as well as food preparation and feeding, is performed by our dedicated volunteers. For social animals like the Gibbons, volunteers provide vital daily interaction.
In the case of research, volunteers join our research team to collect vital data. Financially, the volunteering fee goes towards keeping the projects running. Without this stream of revenue, we could not continue to provide homes and care to injured and orphaned wildlife. The benefit for you is that it works out to be less expensive that traveling as a regular tourist and you get a much richer experience.

*Programme Fees

These programme fees also cover your support on the ground & before you leave, transfers, accommodation & meals for the entire time, visa/flights/insurance assistance will also be included. Prices are in NZD.

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