12 Month Work and Travel J1

Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
12 Month Work & Travel J-1 Visa Program for America for 18 – 30 year olds
This program is uniquely available to recent tertiary graduates and current tertiary students.
It allows you to work in America in almost any role (not Camp Counsellor or Au Pair which are different J1 categories).
There is no real working holiday visa for America so this is the closest thing – designed to allow graduates to get work experience in America.
  • It’s related to our Camp America and Au Pair in America visa – it’s the same visa but a different category.
  • This allows you to work in Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon, Fedex, Procter and Gamble, Reuters, Yahoo….
    or maybe Facebook or Google!
  • The world will be your oyster. Well – America anyway.
  • You’ll get full medical and travel insurance as this is a requirement of the visa.
  • You also have the add on option of a pre-arranged job at one of our partner Resorts.
*All participants must purchase the full 12 months of insurance, regardless of how long they are going to the USA for.

The visa allows you to work pretty much anywhere in America, doing pretty much anything as long as the job is approved by our visa sponsor, or we can provide you with a pre-arranged job at a US Resort.

What’s involved
  • Apply via the application form below
  • Then we will arrange an interview with you.
  • Once accepted you will be sent the next stage of paperwork
  • Once that is complete and finalised the application will be sent to the visa sponsor
  • At that point your DS2019 visa sponsorship is sent to NZ and then to you which allows you to apply for your J1 Visa.
  • Full visa instructions are supplied with the sponsorship papers and how to book your appointment at the Auckland US Consulate.
  • While in Auckland, it’s compulsory to then (after your appointment) attend a pre-departure meeting in Auckland.
  • Receive your visa back and arrange your flights* and pack your bags. *We can help with this.
Here’s the criteria fine print from the US State Department
  • Be a citizen of New Zealand or Australia
  • Be a bona fide post-secondary student or recent graduate. The potential participant must have completed his or her freshman (first) year. A recent graduate is defined as a New Zealand/Australian citizen who has graduated from a (post-secondary) college/university in their home country within the last 12 months. The applicant must provide evidence of student status.0
  • Vocational students pursuing studies at a tertiary level accredited educational institution are eligible for participation.
  • Provide proof of sufficient financial resources, prior to coming to the United States, to support themselves during a search for employment or between breaks in employment.
  • For New Zealand and Australian citizens traveling to the United States, this program will operate under the current Exchange Visitor Program Summer Work Travel regulations and in accordance with the guidelines provided to each designated sponsor.
  • Please note, we have seen students with a majority of online coursework be denied in the past, although the NZ embassy does not mention it in requirements above.
Fill out my online form.
Insurance details in full

The insurance is a compulsory part of the visa so you will need to choose one of these options.

Standard Policy

  • Provided as part of the visa regulations

Policy Example for adding Snow Cover
Includes NZD$2000 cancellation cover
Extra charges may apply for pre-existing conditions, or if you require more cancellation cover – from less than $5 per day..

  • No excess $2324
  • $100 excess $2048
  • $250 excess $1772