Chile Farm Stay

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Farm Stay and Ranch Stay in Chile
Are you a horse lover? You’ll love this volunteer program! Spend a few weeks or more than a month at a ranch stay in Chile – where you can live like a local, not a tourist!

At a glance:

Volunteering: Working on a horse ranch in rural Chile
Accommodation: Stay on the farm
Meals: x3 varied and delicious meals a day included
Dates: Every week
Minimum stay: 4 weeks
What animals will I look after?
Horses and other animals- horse lovers will find this program a perfect fit!
It is suited to all ages as long as you are a competent rider and have and experience working with horses.
If you are ready to take a break from your daily routine, we assure you that staying on a farm in the Chilean countryside will be an unforgettable experience!
About the ranch and farm stay:
Working with horses in Chile is a unique opportunity to get to know the country and its people up close and personal, improve your Spanish and stay on a beautiful farm.
There are some amazing horse focused ranches as well as more agricultural ones. It’s a great way to learn some Spanish, immerse yourself in the culture like a local and not pay a fortune for accomodation and meals.
The farms or ranches are located all over Chile, but mainly in the central region, the southern region, and Patagonia.
Length of Program
  • A minimum duration of 4 weeks is requested when taking part in a farm stay experience in Chile so that you have time to adjust to farm life and truly experience rural Chile.
  • There is no maximum stay but most people stay 8-12 weeks. The program is available all year round and can be started at any time.
  • To allow for sufficient time for training and settling-in, it is required that you stay for a minimum of 4 weeks, but no more than 6 months.
Farm Stay programs mainly are on:
  • horse farms
  • farms with other animals (goats, sheep, cows)
  • agricultural farms
These are usually located in beautiful areas, allowing you to explore the local sites of Chile. Some of the farms host tourists and offer horseback rides lasting from a few hours to several days. When participating in a Farm Stay in Chile, you should be aware that the farms are typically located in remote areas, far from large cities or towns.
What will I be doing at The Farm Stay?
The tasks on a Farm Stay Program are diverse and will vary depending on the type of farm. You can let us know if you have any farm type preferences at the time of your online application. Then we work on finding you the perfect placement.
Tasks in each place may include:
Multi-Functional Farms:
  • Caring for all animals
  • Riding and taking care of horses and other animals
  • Feeding the animals
  • Working in the stables and the fields
  • Cultivating and processing agricultural products
  • Helping with daily chores
  • Gardening
  • Assisting with housework
Tourist Ranches :
(includes the tasks mentioned above as well as the following):
  • Attending to tourists
  • Receiving and assisting guests
  • Organising and accompanying horseback rides for one to several days
  • Entertaining and accommodating guests
Animal Farms
  • Caring for the animals
  • Feeding the animals
  • Cleaning cages, stables, and enclosures
  • Animal research
  • Attending to tourists
Horse Ranches and Horse Training Farms* Horse and Stud Farms:
These include
  • Riding schools
  • Equestrian clubs
  • Stud farms with professional horses (show jumpers, race horses, polo horses, etc.)
Your responsibilities here may include:
  • Caring for the horses (feeding, grooming, bathing, tacking up, caring for tack, etc.)
  • Training horses and getting them in from the pasture and turning them out again
  • Cleaning and maintain the stables (mucking out includes horse manure!)
  • Maintenance work on the farm
  • Preparing and supporting riding classes or competitions
*Farm Stays with horses are the most popular placements. Please understand that these farms usually prefer participants who have previous experience working with horses and those who are good riders. Although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place participants without previous horse experience on farms that involve working with horses.
  • Accommodation and food is provided by the farm you’ll be staying at. Food may be served meals, groceries or a payment to cover food expenses. As each farm is different we can’t say yet if you will sleep in a single room or shared, dorm-style room.
  • Usually, you live with the family of the farm’s owner either in a guest house with other workers, or directly with the family.
  • Typically, you’ll stay in the farm’s residences so that you can integrate yourself into life of the owners or workers and their families.
  • This arrangement immerses you into the authentic Chilean family life and improves both your linguistic and cultural knowledge.
  • Not all farms are able to incorporate farm stays into their family life – some have areas for the volunteers to stay and not be part of the family – please let us know at the time of booking which you prefer to be placed in.
  • Chileans love meat! So being a vegetarian or having allergies or a special diet etc. might mean that you have to buy your own specific diet food yourself – especially in the countryside.
  • Modern food trends (incl. vegetarianism/veganism) haves not really reached Chile yet. However, if you love meat, all meals will be provided for you.
What’s Included?
The screening & placement fee includes:
  • Professional consultations with our NZ Staff prior to your arrival in Chile
  • Individual matching from your contact person in Chile
  • Translation of your application documents and preparation of your profile
  • Matching process and an offer of placement of your Farmstay location
  • Informative manual about your stay in Chile
  • Santiago City Map
  • Santiago City Guide (130 pages)
  • Welcome orientation with the staff in the Santiago office
  • Accommodations (single or shared room))
  • Full board (all meals provided)
  • Certificate of participation
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • We will also help you sort flights and insurance that suits you – for no extra cost!