Love Horses Like We Do

Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
Love Horses Like we do?
We all have horses in the office and we’re addicted just like you.
So Shelby and Vicki have put together our favourite horse projects all in one place just for you!
The best of the best #triedandtested

Camp America

Spend 9-12 weeks at an American Summer camp teaching kids how to ride. Suited to all levels from trail riding to polocross. Find our more about Camp America


Spend 2+ weeks in Namibia volunteering at the Wildlife Sanctuary but with the horses – carrying out conservation tasks on horseback! This is one for those of you who are not afraid of a good gallop in the open. Suits confident riders only.

Mustangs in USA

Spend a few weeks volunteering at the Wild Mustang Horse Rescue Centre in America. Learn about natural horsemanship techniques for gentling wild horses plus get to ride. Spend 4+ weeks and you get your own horse project. Even if you know nothing about starting a horse, or are less confident – this project will suit you.

South Africa

If you’ve dreamed of South Africa on horseback then this project combines your love of a private safari and horses all in one conservation project. All levels of riders including beginners.

Canada Ranch Stay

Become a Canada Cowboy for 4-12 weeks on one of our screened Canada Ranches. Most are horse ranches but we do have cattle and other types too. Suits all levels of riders.
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