Love Elephants Like We Do

Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
Do you Love Elephants as much as we do?
We have gathered up our favourite Elephant projects all in one place so you can easily decide which one to do – or all of them!
The South Africa Wildlife Sanctuary is based near Capetown so you can do some sight seeing before or after your stay. It has three rescued orphaned elephants that had to be hand reared for survival. They are now fully grown. Positive reinforcement is used to train these elephants so that humans are safe around them.
A rare opportunity to see alot of elephants up close and roaming free as they would in the wild on a 37,000 hectare reserve, protected from poachers and without tourists like Kruger. Volunteers also participate in any vet procedures. Read more
Namibia is close to South Africa yet not as densely populated and this project allows volunteers to be part of the ongoing research and conservation of the wild dog and elephants. Read more
Thailand hosts a wonderful volunteer project for rescued elephants – they have a home for life and no elephants rides are allowed. You’ll get to give them a mud bath and spa and help feed these amazing creatures. Read more about the Elephant Sanctuary and add it to your Thailand trip.
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