Canada Working Holiday

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Canada Working Holiday
Fancy working in a ski lodge in Canada? We have some awesome options for your working holiday in the beautiful mountains!
At a glance:

Working holiday: Ski season in Canada

Accommodation: Resort or Shared Apartment
Meals: at your own expense unless offered by resort
Dates: Oct/Nov starts for Winter, May start for Summer
Minimum stay: Ski season
About the Canada Working Holiday
We can offer you two options for your stay in Canada – with a job or without a job!
Want a ski job pre-arranged? If you’re dead set on getting a Ski Resort job, then go for the Premium option as this gives you a pre-arranged job before you leave. We place kiwis as early as August for Winter as the resorts like to hire the ski staff early.
Want to wait until you get there? If you’re not a snow bunny, then the Economy option will most likely suit you, unless you like to have everything organised (including work) before you leave home.
Canada Working Holiday Options

“I was stuck at home on ACC, casually surfing the net looking for something to fill my time while i healed. Or possibly coming across a less dangerous career I could get into. I don’t know why the thought crossed my mind but i found myself looking at international volunteering (specifically in Africa) when i came across IWH. The whole site seemed pretty comprehensive so i settled into research mode, when out of nowhere a chat window showed up. “what the hell” i thought as i started typing thinking it was just an automated site feature, but as it turns out it was real time and i was greeted by a friendly woman named Shelby.
My casual interest in travelling abroad became a certainty after that conversation, and i can say with all confidence that it was all because of Shelby and IWH. Now a lot of people will say that you don’t really need an agency such as this to get you overseas, and they’re right. But looking back on the whole process six months down the track, i thank my lucky stars that i didn’t have to do this by myself. Come to think of it I really didn’t have to do much at all- haha!!
Visa guides, application forms, flights, travel insurance, employment, and accomodation. All were taken care of by the small army of amazing people that work for this company. They took the time to know me as well, which made it easier for them to find the best place to live that suited my hobbies and personality.
I’m writing this now from my room in a small town called Banff in the Canadian Rockies. It is one the most picturesque places ive ever been to, and filled to the brim with quite possibly the friendliest people in the world. Snow season is one month away from kicking off, and lucky ol’ me has the choice of three different ski fields all less than an hours drive away.
So to all of you out there wondering where to start your travels, or even what your next step in your great O.E. should be, look no further. These people know what they’re doing, and they do it well!”
Tai Te Amo