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Namibia Volunteer Adventures
Namibia is northwest of South Africa and shares some of it’s border. But the landscapes can be breathtakingly different to South Africa.
More importantly – there is still the “wild”. In South Africa there is nowhere to release animals into the wild (Kruger Park is as close to wild as it gets – and they don’t accept released animals).
This means Namibia hosts a true rescue, rehab and release sanctuary – where possible animals are released back into the wild. The owners believe that wild should remain wild.
We offer a very exclusive range of volunteer projects
Run by a very passionate conservationist and her husband.
This amazing Foundation is renowned amongst conservationists worldwide, has received global awards and has even received the support of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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Namibia is just North East of South Africa and borders South Africa and Bostwana. Our Namibia projects are just a short flight from Johannesburg in South Africa.