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Frequently Asked Questions Africa Volunteer Adventures – FAQs
We know you may have some questions…
Can I add on the Kruger Panorama Tour to all Projects?
Yes but some projects include the Kruger Tour Package so check with us so you’re not doubling up.
How far in advance do I have to book?
Our projects are very popular and in huge demand plus may only have a limited amount of accommodation for volunteers at a time – so some of the programs like the Save the Lions Breeding project are booked in advance 3-12 months. If you’re planning ahead for the Save the Lions Breeding Project please book well in advance. Feel free to give us a call should you wish to talk about your options and we’ll find something to suit you. It’s always best to check with us on availability for the Save the Lions Breeding Project as sometimes we do have spots available sooner. Ph 09 632 1138.
Can I be placed in the same project as my friend/sister/brother?
Yes, as long as there is space on the project – book early to save disappointment.
What is the best time of year to go?
These projects are great all year round as they are adapted to suit the weather accordingly. Game Capture season usually happens in April / May which is fabulous to get involved in
What vaccinations do I need?
Just Tetanus for all projects. The projects are in areas which do not have malaria carrying mosquitos. Our projects are in areas which are either deemed “low risk” or “extremely low risk”. Our Namibia Project recommend Rabies vaccination too.
Will I need a visa do take part in the projects?
If you hold a NZ Passport, yes you will need a visa – in which case we will provide you with supporting documentation to obtain your visa without hassle. Other nationalities should contact us to check if you do or not.
I’m vegetarian – will I have to cut up dead animals for the lions – I don’t mind feeding meat to them?
No – let us know that you don’t want to be involved in preparing the meat for the big cats and we’ll make a note on your booking. You won’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Most meat preparation is done by the staff.
Can I book and pay using internet banking?
Yes you can – our account number is ANZ 060 287 0495361 00 – use your name as a reference
Can I book without paying a deposit?
No. We need your deposit to secure your place. It shows us you are serious about it – we don’t want others to miss out in a spot someone has who then cancels later. We can hold a space for you for a volunteer project for 7 days with your Date Of Birth, Project name and length.
Can I book more than one project and do them back to back?
Yes. You can. Please contact us for specific pricing as it depends on the time of year and how many weeks in a month etc. That was we can transition you between projects seamlessly.
Is there a weight limit for the South Africa Horse Safari Program?
Yes, you must be under 85kgs
What physical condition should I be in for this project?
If you can ride / groom a horse you will be accepted onto the program. Beginner riders are also fine.
What is Canned Hunting?
Canned Hunting is a despicable “sport” where lions (mostly) are bred and then sold to people or organisations who sell opportunities to “hunt” and kill these magnificent animals, for a large price, to those willing to pay enough money to participate in this horrendous behaviour.
Are any of the projects you send to involved with Canned Hunting?
No – none of the projects we work with are involved in the canned hunting industry, we would never send volunteers to projects which we suspected any involvement as we do not agree with Canned Hunting. International Working Holidays & the Projects we send to, are members of Organisations Against Canned Hunting. Please read our Animal Protection Statement for detailed information in regards to this.