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Our Feel Good, Give Back Volunteer projects
The wildlife in South Africa is totally amazing but it’s also cool to add on some time at one of our Social Projects helping the many orphaned and displaced children in Soweto.
Your help will give your time, and skills to the projects in the form of playing with the kids, feeding them, taking them to school and medical check ups as well as practical stuff like painting and even building if you have skills like that. The projects are very grateful for any help you can offer.
Check out or range of social based projects below.
Social Volunteer Projects South Africa
Social | Medical Clinic

Open to those with no experience & healthcare professionals alike. Lend an extra pair of hands with making a difference to the lives of thousands of San people every year. Great practical experience for students needing hours too… Read More

Social | Southern Africa Discovery

The ultimate African volunteer adventure for those who want to fit everything in one trip. Explore three beautiful and distinctive countries and take part in your choice of volunteering!… More»»

Social | Soweto

Make a difference to the lives of orphaned and displaced children in South Africa. You’ll gain valuable experience with babies right up to kids aged 16. Suited to first time solo travellers. Most our volunteers don’t want to leave…. More»»