Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
Experience an adventure in beautiful Africa

We have exclusive experience opportunities available in some amazing projects including those helping protect the Lions, Cheetahs, Rhino, Leopards, Elephants and other endangered wildlife in Africa.

If you’re enthusiastic, passionate and are excited to help out then take a look at the options.
We have something to suit your passion!
We have projects in Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and the Kingdom of Swaziland
All are screened by us to ensure they are safe and ethical.
  • All our projects are safe even if you don't have a friend to go with you, and we've made sure we only work with those that believe in the conservation of species.
  • You'll be totally involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of endangered and at risk animals in Africa.
  • We can help you choose your project with a free consultation. We can design your dream trip with back to back projects for you too so just get in touch.
  • Our exclusive South Africa Wildlife and Namibia Volunteer Projects give you the opportunity to work hands on with African Wildlife - from our hugely popular big cat projects to conservation, research and anti-poaching based projects. Depending on your passion we can find the right one (or more) project for you.
South Africa will steal your heart and appreciate your passion.
The people are friendly and love to see people from around the world heading over to do their bit and help.

Want to make a difference? These programs could be for you.

 Our Africa Volunteer Adventures Projects

As a volunteer you will work hands on with animals. This will be an experience like no other and one you’ll remember forever.
Our exciting wildlife programs focus on the preservation of nature, and allows participants from all over the world the opportunity to work with Africa’s wildlife in a variety of roles.
Our programs include:
  • Veterinary Experience with African Wildlife - for vet nurse students and those wanting to study vet nursing or apply to vet school
  • Conservation based projects for those with an interest in zoology, biology and conservation
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