Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I pay to Volunteer?
International Working Holidays offers the best possible volunteer experience by offering you a great volunteer experience in some of the more unspoiled places of this world while having the convenience of arranging your airport pick up, transfer, accommodation and excursions arranged. We also have your safety as our first priority.
Furthermore during your volunteer abroad experience you will have our ongoing in-country support for your own piece of mind and safety. This includes 24/7 emergency support in the country you are travelling to.
Where does the money go?
Most of our volunteer project costs cover all the arrangements on location in the destination of your choice. In most cases meals, accommodation, airport pickups, in-country transfers (by boats, horses, 4×4, buses, helicopters and light aircrafts etc), community donations, guides, safety measures, in-country coordinators, 24/7 emergency service, excursions and orientations are included.
On average over half of the fees you pay to take part in our volunteer abroad projects or adventure travel trips is spend in the country of your destination for your support, safety and experience. Working in these remote destinations is often quite costly as things like transfers and accommodation can be more difficult to organise
The project uses the monies paid to feed, look after, and house you as well as some to help fund the project.
The rest of the fee is spent on marketing, administrative support and of course a small profit to be able to sustain and grow the business.