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Australia Wild Animal Rescue Volunteer Project

Australia has an alarming number of injured wildlife which is now becoming an epidemic. You can help.

Road accidents, attacks from other animals, and natural disasters like bush fires are just some of daily challenges that cause injuries to Australia's wild animals or for them to be displaced from their natural habitat. They require medical attention and a lot of care before being released back into the wild. A speedy recovery is required so they don’t get dependent on captivity, so that it is not difficult to release them to fend for themselves which will hep them survive.

The animal rescue center is located in Hazelbrook, close to the greater Blue Mountains area. Volunteers play a major role in assisting the process of rest, recovery and release. Sadly many of these animals become orphans where one or both parents have been killed in a road accident, and with the overwhelming amount of injured wildlife requiring human intervention, without volunteer assistance, they will simply perish as they cannot survive on their own. 

Your volunteering contribution will help Australian Native animals such as adult and Baby Kangaroos, Wombats, Echidnas, native birds and more.

Program Duration:                       

1 week – 8 weeks

Hours of service:                         

Between 3 - 4 hours (may vary depending on the animal).

Travel time to program:               

Approximately 30 -45 minutes each way


The accommodation centre consists of two cottages and a scenic house with 5 bedrooms capable of hosting 25-30 volunteers at any given time. The base has WIFI, TV, DVD and a garden for relaxing.

Wild Animal Rescue Sample itinerary

Monday to Friday

8.00 am - Breakfast, Australian breakfast selection
8.30 am - Travel to program from Base
9.00 am - Participate in volunteering program

You will be helping with the following tasks;

  • Help to feed the animals
  • Daily or Hourly Monitoring, reporting and assessing animals on each day
  • Reporting behavioural changes each day
  • Getting food from their original habitat and searching for injured animals
  • Changing bandages where required
  • Washing and cleaning of animals where required
  • Administer medicine and ointments as required
  • Cleaning enclosures and their environment
  • Animal Enrichment
  • Releasing animals back into the wild (If applicable during the program)

12.00pm - Rest & Light Lunch
1.00pm  - Continue with the Program
3.00pm  - Finish the program for the day
4.30pm  - Prepare and Leave for Base
5.00pm  - Arrive at Base for a well-deserved Rest
5.30pm  - Watch educational video and discussion afterwards (alternate days)
6.00pm  - Dinner, which will be local Australian Cuisine and vegetarian dishes
7.00pm  - Entertainment (Watch movie) + free time

Volunteer Free Day - Time for yourself to explore

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