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Kangaroo Island Sanctuary Australia

Kangaroo Island is located in Australia, near Adelaide, on 5000 acres of protected land filled with alot of wildlife. This is for those who love the outdoors, koalas and kangaroos!

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Take a break out of your hectic world and be a part of the conservation of wildlife in Kangaroo Island! 

Located at the gateway to South Australia’s most iconic wilderness area and filled with a huge amount of wildlife on the Australia’s Galapagos, this experience is the perfect opportunity for those who want to experience different species of wildlife and work in one of the best preserved ecosystems in Australia!

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Travel to Australia and participate in the daily operations of the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Kangaroo Island. 

The sanctuary monitors animals such as Koalas, Kangaroos, Tammar, Wallabies, Possums and Echidnas among other wildlife. 

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Whether it’s helping out in the preservation of animals and plants in the sanctuary or having easy access to visit the Flinders Chase National Park and the Great Southern Ocean on your days off, this experience will definitely change the way you look at life. 

Act as a wildlife guide on their newly National Geographic featured nocturnal walk where you will help to locate animals. What’s better than enjoying the breathtaking view of millions of stars that light up the night and sleeping in a comfortable accommodation in a beautiful wilderness setting? 

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Be inspired by the hundreds of animals and birds that you will encounter on a daily basis. Live and volunteer in one of the best preserved and diverse ecosystems in Australia. You'll get to assist with the monitoring of koalas and other wildlife. There is easy access to Flinders Chase National Park, Great Southern Ocean, great beaches and other amazing sights.

You will be required to volunteer 5 or 6 days a week and around 8 -10 hours per day, depending on the time of year. 

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This is a conservation project so for the most part you will not be working hands on with the animals. However you will have plenty of time to see and interact Kangaroo’s, Koala’s, Echidnas, dolphins, many species of birds, wombats. 

What you will be doing at the Sanctuary;

All year;
  • Koala survey, monitoring and observational work and entering results into database
  • Assisting with Nocturnal tours
  • Koala walk monitoring (clearing debris, filling water bowls and waterholes, watering grassed areas, cleaning interpretive signs and visitor interaction
  • Feral fence maintenance and animal observation (placing camera traps and filling holes made by wildlife moving under fence)
  • Recycling work
  • Track and path maintenance around sanctuary
  • Beekeeping assistance as required (assuming no bee allergies)
  • Pouring honey as required

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Summer/Autumn (Dec-April)
  • GPS identifying and tracking of Goanna burrows and termite mounds within feral animal enclosure and entering results into database
  • Measuring burrow and termite mound dimensions and entering into database
  • Monitoring and observation of GPS located burrows and mounds (visual and camera traps)
  • Surveying butterflies and birds on sanctuary and cataloging
  • Watering and weeding seedlings in the tree factory
  • Wood collection

    Winter (May-Aug) – Work is very weather dependant
    • Preparation of areas for tree planting – soil ripping and prep
    • Tree and shrub planting as determined by weather
    • Transplanting sedge to increase growth area (part of ongoing bee/honey project)
    • Seed collection
    • Germination of seedlings
    • Broad acre seed dispersal
    • Fence construction where required
    • Fence removal where required

    Spring (September – Nov)
    • Tree and shrub planting as required
    • Seed collection
    • Germination of seedlings
    • Broad acre seed dispersal
    • Wood collection

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    At the sanctuary you will learn some new skills and how to live in a remote area. 

    What's Included in the Programme

    • Transfers between Sanctuary and Kingscote (please arrange your travel for an arrival and departure from Kingscote on a Thursday). 
    • One night in the Adelaide Hostel before heading to the project; You will stay for 1 night at a hostel in Adelaide the day before you will travel to Kangaroo island either by Ferry or flight.
    • Volunteer project for the duration of your stay
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner while at the sanctuary
    • Linen
    • Volunteer T-shirt
    • Trip to Flinders Chase National Park, Remarkable Rocks and Admiral's Arch Fur Seal colony
    • Personalised Certificate of Achievement

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    What's Not Included in the Programme

    • All flights
    • Return transport from Adelaide to Kingscote
    • Personal travel insurance
    • Visas if needed
    • All items of a personal nature
    • Extra activities, excursions and transport during free time
    • Additional items that you may want to bring 

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    What to bring

    • Credit card for emergencies and booking internal flights
    • Journal or diary
    • Towel
    • Toiletries
    • Alarm clock
    • Camera
    • Torch
    • Sunblock
    • Small padlock to secure luggage
    • Clothing suitable for all weather conditions (long sleeved trousers and tops to protect you from the sun and warm clothing in winter months)
    • Raincoat / and or waterproof clothing (expect some rainy days)
    • Work clothing (items you don't mind getting dirty, or torn)
    • Sturdy work boots (suitable for rugged and wet conditions) and thick socks
    • Hiking or good walking shoes
    • Leather work/gardening gloves
    • Wide brim hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sun hat
    • Shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Swimming costume

    • Medical kit: Medication, First Aid Kit, Insect repellent

    Accommodation and start dates

    The backpacker accommodation is shared and situated in the Homestead. Each room has 4 volunteers. 
    Each programme starts on a Thursday as this is the day that we collect the volunteers and also return volunteers back to Kingscote.

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    Provisions for meals are provided on a weekly basis and a fully equipped kitchen in your quarters where you will have to prepare your own meals (breakfast and dinner). At the visitor centre, lunch will be provided.

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