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Photo Competition Entries 2017

Anastasia Marnoch.jpg
Anastasia Marnoch - Friends Abroad Program: Camp America


Courtney Belgrave 2.jpg

Courtney Belgrave: Friends Abroad Description: A local school came to visit the wildlife park and they were all fighting over who would hold out hands! We had about 3 children holding each hand Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Courtney Belgrave A Day in the Life.jpg

Courtney Belgrave: A Day in the Life. Description: Preparing the cubs dinner - fresh chicken! Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Courtney Belgrave Creativity.jpg

Courtney Belgrave: Creativity Description: In South Africa the faster we got the work done the faster we got to free time with the animals. I clearly wanted more cub cuddles in double time today! Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Josie Weston.jpg

Josie Weston; Friends Abroad Description: Horse back riding staff at Camp Lindenmere all dressed up representing our home countries on 4th of July. Program Camp America

Liana Animals.jpg

Liana Smith: Animals. Description: On the hunt, Welgevonden 2015. Program: Welgevonden


Liana Friends Abroad.jpg

Liana Smith: Friends Abroad. Description: Making friends from around the globe at Welgevonden!. Program: Welgevonden

Liana capture.jpg

Liana Smith: Animals. Description: Cheetah lovin'. Program: Welgevonden


A Day in the Life Rhino.jpg

Liana Smith: Day In The Life. Description: Being involved in the darting, DNA testing, ear notching and horn tagging (to protect against the illegal trade of rhino horn) at Welgevonden, 2015. Program: Welgevonden.



Liana Smith: Day In The Life. Description: The amazing scenes Africa provides whilst on the job. Program: Welgevonden.

Ailish McAllister Friends Abroad IWH.png

Ailish McAllister: Friends Abroad. Description: My new camp family are the best. After only a week together we have become a close knit family. Program: Camp America

Hamish Campbell Animals.jpg

Hamish Campbell: Animals. Description: One very curious baby fox that came with 3 metres of me, one evening while taking a few photos. He was the most adventurous of the litter of about 6, all of which I have photos of. Program: Camp America

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