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Husky Ranch Arctic Northern Lights Volunteer Project

Venture to the Northern most part of Canada for the adventure of a lifetime. You will have the opportunity to dog sled, snow mobile and witness the amazing northern lights!

Venture to the Arctic North Pole of Canada for the experience of a lifetime. Extreme long winters so perfect for dog sledding! 

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This is the ultimate husky ranch and dogsled experience for the real explorers among us who are looking for the most adventurous volunteer project in Canada! 

You'll have the opportunity to work with pure white huskies, dog sleds and witness the amazing northern lights!

  • This ranch needs volunteers all year round and has many great opportunities! 
  • This project is located in the remotest northern corner of mainland Canada tucked between the icy Beaufort Sea and a million lakes. 
  • This great experience let's you relive the frontier days where your accommodation will be in style without the luxury comforts of the modern world. Live off the grid in a cozy cabin without electricity for the ultimate northern experience!
  • This ranch is an extremely popular volunteer project and is great place to experience the Canadian Arctic (North Pole). 
  • You will have many opportunities to dogsled during the extra long winter and of course play /care for the huskies! 
  • This project has excellent opportunities in winter however summer has its own advantages with extra long warm days and many opportunities to hike, bike and it is a great place for wildlife viewing. 
  • The work on the ranch is physically demanding.
  • The minimum duration of stay is 8 weeks with a maximum duration of 12 weeks. 
  • The ranch is located in a very remote area and travelling is better done after you finish volunteering. Also this is not the place if you are looking to visit, pubs, clubs, cinemas and shopping malls. This is about nature and being active outside!
  • This is not an easy laid back holiday option but a volunteer project where you'll work hard and stay busy. But the rewards are huge. 
  • The minimum duration of stay is 8 weeks with a maximum duration of 12 weeks. 

 What you'll Do at the Husky Ranch Northern Lights Arctic Project.

  • Play with huskies and go dog sledding!
  • Live off the grid in a cozy cabin without electricity for the ultimate northern experience!
  • Volunteer in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and see the northern lights.
  • Get the opportunity to see local Wildlife in the surrounding the area. Wolf, Elk, Moose, Bear & Lynx often travel the path through this neighbourhood.
  • All the dogs are White Siberian Huskies.

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Project Details

Dates the project is available: All Year round (book early to be guaranteed a volunteer placement)
Volunteer duration: 
8-12 weeks
Average Work hours: 5-6 days per week starting at 7- 9 AM to 5-7 PM (with enough break time in between)
Number of Volunteers: 1-3
Volunteer accommodation: Shared back to basic cabins without running water, volunteers will have to use the bathhouse.
Internet Access: Yes , at the main lodge, access is limited and not meant for downloading as it is very costly in remote places

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What are they looking for in a volunteer?

Love of the outdoors and a passion for huskies and wildlife is a must. You should not be fussy, picky or hypersensitive about cleaning as this is one of the main chores.  We will not tolerate smoking, alcohol or the use of drugs. Please remember that you are a guest, therefore, respecting the rules is essential.

What's Included

  • Placement before you leave home
  • Arctic Husky Adventure Experience
  • You will be picked up from the small airport near the project and transferred straight to your accommodation at the project.
  • Accommodation: a shared room in a cabin for the entire placement duration at volunteer project (no electricity in the cabins and the showers are at the bathhouse)
  • Ongoing service in Canada: If there are any problems with your volunteer project we are always there to help you and mediate between yourself and the organisation.
  • Tours: Through our IWH Travel Department you have the chance to book tours in Canada after you have finished your volunteer project.
  • 24/7 Emergency contact: If there are any problems during you stay you can reach our partners in Canada 24/7 to assist you.
  • Amazing photo opportunities
  • Mail receiving service


What's not included

  • Flights, and Insurance but we can help you arrange this at no extra cost to you. 
  • Meals are not included but transport to a nearby grocery store will be provided where you'll be able to buy groceries and will cook for yourselves. 
  • Costs for getting a working holiday visa (which is required on this project). 



Responsibilities while on the project

Volunteers and Interns are the backbone of the this husky ranch. This is a medium sized family run kennel with only pure white Siberian huskies.  
Attitude is the first thing the project looks for in a dog. There dogs are really well-known for strength, will-power and determination as well as for their friendliness.

You will take part in one of the following tasks:

  • Construction/maintenance
  • Dog yard (working with the dogs)
  • Garden work
  • Cleaning tasks
  • Keep in mind that you will not be spending your whole day working with the dogs. You will be working a few hours per day with the dogs and your other time will be spent helping in the lodge.  There will be many duties that might not be so interesting at times. 
  • Keep in mind that this project is great because it allows you to live affordable in the Arctic, while volunteering with huskies and getting the opportunity to dogsled!!!


Tasks & Duties

  • Volunteers will always have lots of time to spend with the dogs. Just for cuddles or taking them for a walk, brushing them or playing with the puppies! 

  • You will have one and a half day off every week and there’s lots of things to do! 
  • Catch a ride in to town and go shopping or to the sport centre. 
  • You can also go hiking, biking or canoeing.
  • The surrounding area of the husky lodge is very beautiful and there are thousands of lakes nearby.

Requirements, Guidelines & Policies of the Husky Project

  • Volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of 8 weeks 
  • NO SMOKING is allowed on the property. Bush and Forest Fires are an enormous concern during the hot dry summers.
  • Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humour, dependable, physically and mentally fit. 
  • Absolutely no smoking around the dogs; and never leave a cigarette on the ground because they are toxic to dogs.
  • Never yell at dogs except to stop a fight.
  • Do not put food between dogs – make sure that food is directly in front of the dog it is intended for.
  • Do not cuddle a dog on a chain too far from it’s house. One of the neighbours might get jealous, and if they are too close together, they might get into a fight – and you would be in the middle.
  • Do not leave anything hazardous or any personal items around the dogs – out of curiosity, they may consume something toxic or harmful.
  • Make sure you complete your work to the appropriate standard
  • Speak up if you do not feel comfortable completing a task
  • Keep all personal belongings outside of client areas
  • Open to ages 18-35 years
  • No animal allergies (obvious reasons)


Itinerary & Details

Day 1 - Arrive in Northern Canada; 
You will arrive in Northern Canada by flight and you will be picked from the airport and transferred to the project
. For 8-12 weeks you will volunteer, dogsled and play with Huskies!
 Your last day – you will be transferred back to the airport to take a flight back home. 


Volunteers stay in shared cabins.  The cabins are off the grid, no plumbing, no electricity for a great outdoors experience (great stories!). There is a wood stove for heat in the cabin, and kerosene lamps for light. 


Things to bring from home

  • Clothes for cold temperatures if you are coming in winter, but for summer pack some clothes for warmer temps. 
  • Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. 
  • Gloves, a woollen hat and warm socks with you.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are essential, and you should also pack a raincoat and some sun block and first aid kit. 
  • Linen and towels will be provided.
  • Once your placement is confirmed please start working on your packing list

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Meals are not included (volunteers can buy groceries in the nearby town and cook at the lodge).


The project is located in the most northern part of the Northwest Territory. There is a small frontier town located near the project. This is also where you will be picked up from the airport however you will first have to book an international flight to Whitehorse, Yukon. From there you will take a domestic flight (cost around 700 CA$ for a return ticket, however the flight is amazing). 

If you are searching for lots of contact with other people, night life or coffee bars, then this is not the place for you. Surrounded completely by nature and wildlife this a paradise for outdoors lovers! 

From Hiking to biking, to dog sledding and wildlife viewing this is the place to be for all outdoors lovers!


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