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Canada Working Holiday Premium Option


If you're one of those people who like to have everything organised before you head off - this is for you - you'll save Money & Time with this option.


Canada Working Holiday Premium Service Gets You:

  • Pre-arranged Hospitality, tourism, Hotel, or Resort Job offer prior to arrival into Canada - we find your job before you leave home. If you have your heart set on a Ski Resort placement then you'll want this option.
  • Airport Transfer Guide for getting from airport on SkyTrain to Hostel (or Taxi if you arrive late)
  • 2 nights accommodation dorm style on arrival 
  • An orientation in Vancouver to get your Social Insurance Number and bank account set up
  • Phone or skype interview with our partners based in Canada
  • CV upgrade to meet Canadian standards
  • Skype or Phone interview with employer arranged. Not always necessary - sometimes they will just hire you. 
  • Access to Social events when in Vancouver (Pub Nights, Trips away etc)
  • Long term Accommodation assistance* 
  • 24 hour emergency number for your entire stay with your employer
  • Free or subsidised ski pass in winter
  • Mail holding and secure storage (up to 1 year)
  • Ongoing service and support as needed
  • Visa Application Guide - we help you out with the very confusing visa process and website
  • (*most resorts offer accommodation with the job but when they don't, you'll get advice on how to find accommodation)


    Why use our Premium Canada Working Holiday Service?

    • Through our comprehensive consultation process with you, arrival orientation and ongoing support, you will have piece of mind knowing you have the best possible chance to secure a placement opportunity either before you arrive, or shortly after your arrival (if you are traveling first) and that you will have local friendly assistance during your entire stay in Canada. 
    • During the placement search we take into account your objectives and personality and seek placement opportunities based on this; whether these are gaining experience, or meeting people, or snowboarding, all of these objectives are assessed so we can assist you in finding the most suitable placement.
    • You will have accommodation options that will allow you to have a place to live and this will be organised prior to your arrival or shortly after you land. We have an extensive online social community to help you get in touch with other participants before, during and after your stay.
    • We will tell you all of the inside tips on great things to do all over the country and you will have access to events in key locations throughout Canada, which are exclusive to our participants and give you more opportunity to meet other people in the same situation as you and have an awesome time together! 
    • In addition to organising the most affordable way to reach your placement, if you would like to travel during your time here you will have exclusive access to our "participants only" travel desk. 
    • All these things add up to saving you loads of time and money



    Wondering When To Go?


    For Premium Service applicants, there are two seasons: Winter and Summer. 

    • Winter is from November – April. 
    • Summer is from May – October. 

    You need to be able to arrive for the start of the season, and commit for the full season.          

    No matter how bad the snow, how flat the light, how tired your legs, or how crowded the hill, every day skiing has something unique to offer. Whether it’s the new trick you mastered, the stranger you met on the lift, or simply the time spent with all the incredible people you’ve met in one short season, climbing out of bed is all it takes for an exceptional day on the hill.

    Costs for the Premium Service Program

    • Winter Pre-Arranged Job placement   $999 NZD - Payable at time of application
    • Summer Pre-Arranged Job placement  $850 NZD - Payable at time of application

    If you do not pass the interview and screening process the fee above less $100 admin/interview costs will be refunded.

    Optional Extras

    • Extra nights accommodation in Vancouver before you start work $40 pnpp

    Prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. We will post changes on here as they happen but once your application is accepted the price is set and will not alter.

    Other costs to consider

    • Flights to Canada - we can search for and find you the best deals
    • Processing of your visa (all our applicants receive a Visa Application Guide Document)
    • Medical Insurance (compulsory) - we can recomend the best policy to include skiing etc
    • Cost of transfer (we tell you how to get either option) Taxi or Skytrain. $12 - $35 CAD (Please note: The first SkyTrain leaves at 5:07am and the last skytrain at 12:56am)

    Getting you there - We Make It Easy



    Jobs Available

    • Ski resorts
    • Retail
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Guest Service
    • Labour
    • Food and Beverage
    • Housekeeping
    • Kitchen Work
    • Maintenance
    • Cleaning     


    What Is Not In The Package

    • Working holiday visa fee
    • Airfare - but we can help get you the best deal - at no extra cost to you.
    • Insurance - ditto re best deal here too
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation (aside from first night of hostel stay in Vancouver)
    • Personal expenses

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    Ski Resort Canada Typical Wages & Jobs

    Minimum Wage by Province

    Canada is a tipping nation. Food & Beverage, Kitchen Work and select Service positions can expect $2-5 extra per hour based on season, location and company.

    So was it worth it? Was cramming all my earthly possessions into the “Passat Hound,” and voyaging north without so much as glancing at a Whistler trail map worthwhile? Unconditionally, yes. I learned this year what four years of university never taught me, and collected two fistfuls of exceptional stories along the way. But most importantly, Whistler made me a skier. And I’m damn proud of it. Andrew Sprowell



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